9 Sex Toys That Celebrities Love

If you’ve ever wondered what sex toys celebrities use or wanted a glimpse inside the sex life of Kim and Kanye, then you don’t need to look any further! Just this week the pair came clean about their sex lives and actually recommended some of their favorite sex toys. According to Kim’s Valentine’s Day gift guide, the couple will likely be enjoying the “Let’s F*ck ― the XXX sex board game” while drinking Armand de Brignac’s Brut de Rose champagne by the warm glow of LELO’s Flickering Touch Massage Candle. It’s going to be hot in the Kardashian-West household that night!

Because celebrities are just like us ― well, except for the fact that they drink the $10,000-bottle of champagne while the rest of us have to settle for the $50-bottle ― they likely have at least one or more goody drawers of sex toys in their palatial estates, too. While some of them might stay mum about what they and their partner play with behind closed doors, others like Kimmy K., are more than willing to share with the world the toys that get them off.

Are you someone who only wants what the celebs have? Here are nine sex toys that those fancy, shmancy famous people love.

1. Life Vibrator By Leaf

For Alicia Silverstone, the only sex toy that will do is the Life vibrator by Leaf. It’s a good fit for Silverstone, who’s vegan and very much into eco-friendly products, because it’s as eco-friendly as vibrators come in both material and rechargeable batteries, right down to the recycled packaging. According to Silverstone, “I like that they look natural and feminine… like leaves and flowers… not scary.”

2. LELO Luxury Dildos

If you’re as famous and talented as Beyoncé, then your vagina only deserves the very best. Bey and Jay-Z’s penchant for expensive dildos became very clear when the couple dropped $15,000 on a gold sex toy from LELO’s Luxe Collection. Will buying this dildo turn you into Beyoncé? Probably not, but one can dare to dream.

3. The Rabbit Vibrator

Although the Rabbit vibrator was already a hit with the ladies on Sex and the City back in the ‘90s, during an interview in 2005 Eva Longoria professed her love for The Rabbit, too. “I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends,” she told Self. “They scream when they unwrap it. The best gift I can give them is an orgasm.” According to Cosmo, her endorsement of the product upped the sales of it by 30 percent.

4. LELO INA Wave

When Pleasure Chest hosted a party Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, was introduced to the INA Wave by LELO ($199) and fell in love. With vibrations to maximize pleasure on your clitoris and G-spot, this is perfect for solo play or with a partner.

5. Jimmyjane Little Gold

In 2006, iconic model Kate Moss, bought Jimmyjane’s 24K Little Gold vibrator. While she reportedly spent $200 on the vibrator at the time, these days, a whole decade later, the Jimmyjane Little Gold will set you back $325. However, it has a lifetime guarantee, so that’s not too bad.

6. Hand Of Adonis

When Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of her new dildo, “Hand of Adonis,” what initially caught everyone by surprise was the sheer size of it. According to the product’s description, “NOT for the faint of heart, the Hand of Adonis is a unique tool for size enthusiasts, or anyone interested in fisting. The ultra realistic, 16 1/2 inch arm ends in a ‘duck bill’ positioned hand, with thick fingers for lots and lots of sensation.” OMFG.

Apparently this particular sex toy is for the sex act known as fisting, although Miley never commented on that part specifically.

7. Butt Plugs

If you missed the Conan O’Brien episode in which Jennifer Lawrence revealed she has a box of butt plugs under her bed, then you really missed something great. As she told Conan, “‘The maid was coming so I was like, ‘Oh I’ll just shove this under the bed so she doesn’t see all these butt plugs. She might not know they’re for a joke.’ I came back and all of them were brought out of the bed and were in this beautiful display on my bedside table.”

Whether they were for a joke or not, the fact remains that J.Law has a box of butt plugs so she must like them at least a little bit.

8. Pocket Rocket

In 2009, Scary Spice aka. Mel B. told The Sun that after reading the percentage of women who don’t orgasm during sex, it was paramount that she share a bit of sexual healing advice. “My advice to women who are unfulfilled in the bedroom is to invest in a sex toy. I use a little vibrator called a Pocket Rocket – and it does the trick every time. The good thing about sex toys is you can use them by yourself of with your partner,” she said.

She also went on to attribute her great sex life with her partner due to the fact that she knows how to get off and relax.

9. The Strap

As a practitioner of BDSM, Jane’s Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro, was a regular consumer of The Stockroom’s BDSM products for years. When the company reached out to Navarro to create an ideal BDSM product, he came up with The Strap ― a BDSM restraint that’s made from guitar straps. So hot.

The Best Butt Plugs, According to Sex Experts and Sex Toy Shop Owners

While butt plugs might seem intimidating if you’ve never used one before, sex experts stress that with proper preparation, a little bit of patience, and a lot of lubrication, these toys can be a pleasurable addition to your sex life. “Start slow and small, and use plenty of lube,” says Liz Goldwyn, founder of the sexual health education website and podcast The Sex Ed. “The anal area has a high concentration of nerve endings that are stimulated by even the smallest butt plug.”

When you’re new to using a butt plug, either with a partner or on your own, it’s important to remember that it should never be painful. “If it hurts, that’s your body telling you to stop and slow down,” says Archie Bongiovanni, a sexual-health educator and events coordinator at the Minneapolis store Smitten Kitten. “Anal penetration is about relaxation,” says Jacq Jones, a sex educator and owner of Baltimore’s Sugar shop. She recommends experimenting with butt plugs only when you’re totally calm, as people often hold tension in their lower back and butt muscles, which can make penetration uncomfortable.

Emily Morse, doctor of human sexuality and host of the SiriusXM Radio show and podcast Sex With Emily, says that butt plugs can also be useful in working up to having anal sex with a partner. “Don’t go from zero to penis,” she says. “You want to work your way up by starting with fingers and butt plugs.” To find the best butt plugs out there, we asked our four experts to recommend their favorites — for beginners, experienced users, couples, and solo play.

b-Vibe Anal Education Set

If you’re looking to explore butt plugs, Morse recommends this comprehensive kit with everything you need to get started. “Not only does it come with three different plugs so you can move up in size more comfortably, it also has a lube shooter to easily get it up there,” she says. The two larger plugs vibrate when you’re ready for a little more stimulation, and the set also includes a water enema bulb for cleaning up a bit inside your butt before using a plug (which isn’t necessary but helps some people feel more comfortable), and an extensive guidebook with tips on anal play safety and best practices. The toys are made from silicone — one of the three materials, along with equally sanitary glass and metal, our experts recommend looking for in any sex toy. “Silicone is soft, flexible, and hypoallergenic, and it’s non-porous, which lessens the likelihood of bacteria,” Goldwyn says.

Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Teazer

Bongiovanni calls this slim silicone plug, with seven optional vibration speeds, “a fun, non-intimidating way to start any anal journey.” It’s ideal for those who are “brand new to anal play and want to play in insertion but not girth,” they say. The Teazer, like all of the butt plugs our experts recommend, has a flared base, an essential features that ensures anal toys can be safely removed. When butt muscles are stimulated, Jones says, they can “create what’s essentially a vacuum and suck things in.” As you can imagine, anything stuck in your butt is considered a medical emergency, so make sure you always use plugs with flared bases to avoid a trip to the ER.

Platinum The Minis Smooth

As Jones says, finding the right size butt plug, “might be a little bit of a Goldilocks situation, where you try different things to find what works for you, and also figure out that something that works really great on one day might not work as well on another day.” That’s why she likes toys that come in multiple sizes, like the inexpensive Platinum Minis. It’s a good choice if you’re trying out a plug for the first time and don’t want to make a big investment in something you might not love.

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty

Available in four different sizes, the Mood Naughty has a “nice taper that makes this toy glide in easily,” Bongiovanni says. They recommend the smallest size for beginners.

Njoy Pfun Plug

For people with prostates, Jones says the gland “is essentially the G-Spot for those kinds of bodies and can create multiple orgasms.” Plugs designed for prostate stimulation have a curve to best reach it. Jones suggests this one from Njoy. “It’s made out of surgical steel, so the weight of it provides a great deal of pressure on the prostate which can be a really lovely thing,” she says.

Is G-spot real or just a myth? Find out here

Aneros MGX Trident

Bongiovanni says the Aneros MGX, also recommended by Jones, is “great at finding and rocking against the prostate, even hands-free,” and has been the brand’s best-selling toy for nearly two decades.

WeVibe Ditto Remote Control Plug

While you can certainly enjoy this vibrating plug (with ten vibration modes) on your own, one of the Ditto’s main draws, according to Jones, Goldwyn, and Bongiovanni, is that it can be activated by your partner — either locally with the remote control or from anywhere using WeVibe’s app. Bongiovanni says the app functionality is “perfect for long-distance relationships,” and the remote control “makes changing speeds and patterns during sex a breeze.” Jones adds, “it works really well for people with vaginas and clitorises, and is also going to do really nice perineum stimulation for people with penises.” Plus, Bongiovanni says, it’s “petite enough for beginners and offers deep rumbly vibration.”

Butt Plugs 101: Surviving your first anal plug

Let’s be frank here. You either love or hate anal sex. The reason for such polarization is that it can get pretty painful if you don’t prepare your body properly. However, if you do, it can be one of the best sexual experiences in your life.

People who are in love with anal don’t have a different body from yours. Their trick is using toy plugs that prepare them for rectal penetration. But that’s not all. You can use these toys in addition to vaginal penetration to simulate some DP action or for male prostate stimulation.

Either way, our article is here to bring you closer to these rude boys. We’ll go through the ins and outs of butt plugs in the hope of helping you survive your first encounter with them. Let’s jump straight into it.

Why People Like It

What makes one have anal sex? Well, the answer to your question is rather simple. Your anus is pretty rich when it comes to nerve endings. Moreover, it’s one of the most erogenous zones on your body. It’s not just about being kinky and doing things that are taboo and controversial.

On the other hand, anal penetration is likely to bring both males and females closer to an even stronger orgasm. The reason is that both genders have a G-spot near their rectal canals. And by applying pressure to your anus, you’ll stimulate either your prostate or its female equivalent.

Another reason why people might engage in anal using butt plugs along the way is the fact that it can provide you with double stimulation. For some women, the idea of being penetrated in both holes seems like a good idea. It’s an overwhelming feeling that you can’t feel any other way. And with plugs, you won’t need another person in the room to fill the gap.

How to Try a Butt Plug Safely

Staying In and Staying Out

Plugs are sex toys that have a teardrop shape. Their top is pointy, but as you go down the body, they will become wider. On the bottom of the toy, there’s a flared base. This base is pretty important since it protects you from the toy getting stuck inside your body if you push too hard.

If you’re looking to get one, you should always aim for toys with a flared bottom. Whether they’re made from stainless steel or silicone plugs, most of the premium ones will feature it. However, some can have a chain or a rope that you can use to extract it. Another option is to go for tail plugs, which have ornamental tails with faux fur that can be cool for pet play and other animal fetishes.


The reason why some people don’t enjoy anal sex is the fact that your rectum doesn’t self-lubricate like a vagina. This makes raw penetration pretty painful and overall unpleasant. Most newbies don’t know that, and it’s what makes them have an awful first-time experience. Nevertheless, there’s a way to go around that.


With the use of lubrication, you can make your ass as wet as you want it to be. This way, there will be no friction once a penis or a plug goes inside. We would suggest you always use water-based lube since your body might be allergic to some other types of products that might taste or smell better.

Body-Safe Materials

One of the bad things about the adult toy industry is that it doesn’t have regulations that dictate body-safe materials. So, a newbie looking to get into something kinky might accidentally purchase a toy made of harmful materials. Their body will react to it at some point, making the whole ordeal anything but fun. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Namely, if you’re looking to get an anal plug, you should aim for the ones that state they’re safe for your body. These materials include silicone, stainless steel, glass, and even wood. However, don’t use plastic or acrylic plugs because they contain harmful chemicals inside that will damage your skin and body. If you do, by some chance, be sure to visit a doctor immediately. 

On the other hand, body-safe materials are also great because they’re easy to clean. And since your putting plugs into your body, it’s easy to understand why hygiene must be on the highest level. You should always clean your toys before and after use. Also, don’t use the same toy for different holes unless you put a new condom on them.

How to Play With a Butt Plug

When it comes to the actual use of plugs, anal beads, and all similar toys, it’s key to say that you should start slowly and gradually increase your game. That means that you should first play with your finger before you employ your anal toy. We suggest that you use latex gloves before finger insertion because there’s no reason the spread anal bacteria around if they’re on your skin.

Start by slowly rubbing the rim with your lubricated fingers. Once you feel relaxed, insert one or two inside. Take your time before you use a butt plug. However, when you are ready, don’t go jamming it in hard. Start slowly again and allow your anus to swallow the toy steadily. After that, you can try out different positions with your body while the toy is inside.

Turning Your Fantasy Into a Reality With Monster Dildos

Monster dildos are some of the most versatile sex toys. Unlike vibrators, they do not move alone. In addition, their biggest benefit is that they come in many different forms, which can bring a new dimension to your sex life.

Annabelle Knight, a sex and relationship expert, explains how to use a monster dildo and how to make the most of it.

A monster dildo does only what you ask it to do, so choosing the right one for you is essential. For example, if you buy one that is too big or in the wrong shape, you won’t have fun with it. If you’re not sure what to choose, think about the other things you used for penetration (finger, penis, vibrator, etc.) and choose the monster dildo you know would suit you. This is especially important in the beginning; after that, you can experiment with more models.


You will need lubricant for any sex toy, and this is especially true for monster dildos. Water based lubricants are good in almost any situation. The silicone-based ones last longer and are best suited for anal penetration, because the anus does not lubricate like the vagina. However, if your monster dildo is made of silicone, a silicone-based lubricant can damage it – so it’s best to choose a water-based one.

VAGINAL monster dildo VS ANAL monster dildo

Most monster dildos can be used for vaginal penetration, but only a few are safe for anal penetration. The anal ones should have a larger base, to prevent the monster dildo from slipping into the rectum.

You should not use the same monster dildo in the vagina and anus unless you use condoms that you change between them or clean the monster dildo very well.

HOW TO USE A monster dildo

You can get these and other types of dildos available exclusively at lovegasm.

Even if you plan to use it with a partner, it’s best to try it alone the first time.

Make sure you are relaxed. It is important to be sufficiently excited, otherwise penetration can be difficult and less pleasant.

Do not rush. Start gently, first outside the vagina, then slowly insert it. Experiment with depth and angles to find out what you like best.

Once you feel comfortable using the monster dildo, you can experience different rhythms and speeds. Notice the difference between a slow and steady movement and a fast and irregular movement to figure out what works for you.

Attention: Enema can give erotic sensations, but do not do it too often because it can disrupt your ability to eliminate feces naturally. The colon is an organ that absorbs substances very easily, so pay close attention to what liquids you use for enema. Never put alcohol in the anus because it can cause death!

Proper penetration. Whether you use your finger, a monster dildo or a penis, do it slowly at first. Relax and focus on the signals your body gives you. Let your sphincter set the pace.

How to use an Anal Plug ?

During orgasm, the anus contracts naturally. Having an anal plug or butt-plug inserted will intensify your sensations. Butt plugs are available in different sizes. They usually have a blister at one end to make sure it doesn’t slip accidentally into the rectum. You can buy a multitude of sizes to experiment.

Apply lubricant to your favorite butt plug. At this step, suppose you are relaxed and excited after you have followed the steps above, and your anus is also relaxed and lubricated. If not, then first apply lubricant using your finger.

Insert the butt plug at the appropriate angle as in the figure below. The rectum is along the spine. If you look at the picture you will realize that the most suitable positions are doggy-style with the back arched, or stand on the back.

The secret is to push!

To feel the greatest pleasure from anal stimulation is to push out the toy you are introducing. By pushing, the sphincter relaxes and opens, so the object can easily enter and exit.

Push yourself using your abdominal muscles, as if pushing your feces out. You must feel relaxed and confident in yourself, this may take some time but after you reach the sensations you will never look back!

You may feel strange at first, but if you have completely cleansed yourself, nothing unexpected will happen. The sensation of release when you push will increase your pleasure 10 times during anal sex or masturbation.

Combined anal stimulation

Now stimulate your clitoris and push the anal butt plug for a unique sensation. Butt plugs have an edge that allows them to remain inserted into the anus.

What are Anal Hooks

If you want to live out BDSM, you should get the right accessories for the Zartharten games. It pays off to invest in quality and safety right from the start. For lovers of this practice many toys are recommended – but is it safe to sue anal hooks? Here are the different options for you.

Shackles and gags

There are many different ways to captivate your partner. Soft leather cuffs are particularly suitable for beginners as they cannot contract like ropes. In addition to ropes, advanced users can also use metal chains for fetters, which can be found in every hardware store. In addition, there are many possible combinations, e.g. as with handcuffs, ankle cuffs and locks. Some chains have a leather strap or rubber grip , so that the wearer, among others, can play the role of an animal in pet play and obey the orders of his master or famer.

With advanced bondage experience and good bottom to top communication, a gag can also be used. Professional gags like ball gags are recommended for role-playing games because they ensure safe, free breathing. Does not use handmade gag, but rather invest the money in real gag. Otherwise threatens in the worst case.

Percussion instruments from whips to cane

The most common sex toys for BDSM lovers are spanking tools. Before using, however, you should talk about your preferences. Here are some questions to clarify: Which material should be used? Which role play is played? How should be punished and beaten? Which whip form is used? The most common percussion instruments are the following:

  • cane
  • riding crops
  • paddle
  • Spank sticks
  • Wooden spoon
  • broom

When flogging the partner is to ensure that sensitive parts of the body such as the spine or kidneys are not hit. Some whips, such as. As the bullwhip cans severe injuries cause and should be used with caution.

Sex toys at the BDSM

Especially dildos are included in the BDSM again and again in the lovemaking. There are different variants of different materials. Metallic anal plugs or dildos initially create a very cold feeling, unlike silicone models. Dildos are also available in different shapes, which are suitable for different degrees of expansion. Anal hooks are often designed so that the anus and vagina can be stimulated at the same time. Oversized dildos are also used in punishment rituals in combination with whip lashes. These things are good, if you are interested in buying anal hooks, visit loveplugs here.

Special BDSM toy for him and her

In addition to whips and dildos, there are various utensils that are specially made for the BDSM game. For men, there are special sex toys that are primarily intended to delay the orgasm:

  • Testicular cuffs that are placed around the scrotum: The penis is inserted through an opening, so that nothing is in the way of sexual intercourse.
  • Penis rings, which are applied to the root and to inhibit the outflow of blood from the penis.
  • Penile cages that work like chastity belts for women.
  • Weights that can be hung on the penis or testicles.

In addition, there are other special BDSM toys:

  • SM candles whose wax is dripped onto the bare skin. Attention: Only use special SM candles, as they have a lower melting temperature than normal candles. Otherwise it can come to burns!
  • Collars that the dominant partner creates for the submissive partner. In addition to traditional dog collars for pet play use, but careful, do not use choke collars! Also offer special BDSM collars.
  • A nappy-slip used for the Age-Play wraps around the pelvic area of ??the wearer and gives him the feeling of being at least visually a baby.

Stimulation devices can use special nipple clamps to chase small surges through the most sensitive and erogenous areas of the body. Some users find it particularly appealing to let the partner regulate the surges and not know when to use them next.

The fetish requires much trust and affection from both partners. Before the role play, a safe-word must always be agreed, with which everyone can stop the play at any time. If these conditions are met, nothing stands in the way of the exciting BDSM experience. Especially using multiple sex toys, this tender love game promises to be a relevant experience for all beginners.

Criticism of sex practice

The problem with ATM sex is that there is no cleaning of the pleasure dispenser after penetration. If you do not previously do a colonic irrigation and do not properly anal rinse, you can take the practice of your own intestinal bacteria through the mouth. It gets worse when several people are in the game. If no condom is used during anal sex, there is not only the risk of transmissible viruses (such as HIV), but also infections with foreign intestinal bacteria. Feces can also hang on the penis of the partner, which is not only very unappetizing, but also carries the dangers of communicable diseases.

Reduce risk – tips

Make a thorough anal rinse before anal intercourse, so that the intestines are really clean.

Use a condom during anal intercourse. Alternatively, you can also use a penile shell that you take after anal sex before going on with oral sex.

Wash your penis after unprotected anal sex. Use a condom for oral sex if none has been used before. ATM sex is as risky as anal rimming, where the passive partner is anally pampered with the tongue. Again, an anal cleansing should be done.

ATM sex at the BDSM

The form of ATM sex is often used as a punishment at the BDSM. Specifically if the submissive has not cleaned anal properly for having anal sex then, ATM becomes sex punishment, where the sub has to put a possibly feces-endured penis in his mouth. Through this “educational measure” the future behavior should change, so that the sub will carry out his anal cleaning intensively from then on.

ATM in women

For women there are other practices: ATP / A2P: from ass to pussy. Again, the penis is not cleaned after anal intercourse and introduced directly into the vagina. This can also lead to infections. The health risk should not be underestimated.


Anal and oral sex should be practiced only in the order that the anal intercourse takes place at the end. Otherwise, infections are possible that you should avoid. For the general everyday life ATM sex is not recommended, especially not with frequently changing sex partners. Anyone who has seen ATM sex in porn often should not be impressed by it . Often scenes are cut so that you do not see that the active actor washes his penis in between or changes his condom. If it still came to ATM sex, you should then rinse your mouth with a mouth disinfectant. This is important so that the germs cannot spread further. For sensitive people the sex practice is unsuitable.

3 Best Types of Electrochock Butt Plugs

A sex toy that has a cone-shaped or tear-shaped form, the main purpose of which is to stimulate the nerve endings in the anus is a gel butt plug, which can be bought in our store. And if men and women who already have experience in using gel plug-ins do not have to tell about all the charms of this anal toy, then beginners should make a closer look at the advantages and advantages of a cork made from this material and the rules its use.

Who needs gel plug anal

The anal plug of the gel differs from its fellow soft, delicate and smooth surface. Gel plug for anal is very elastic, but it is elastic. When used, the device can bend at any angle and quickly restores its original shape. The gel, by virtue of its physical properties, does not injure the delicate tissues of the anus and the pre-anal zone, even when not very skillfully used. Therefore, gel butt plug will be the perfect sex toy for:

  • Preparation for anal penetration;
  • As anal plug for long wear;
  • Anal stimulation during masturbation;
  • For prostate massage;
  • Constriction of vaginal muscles during classic vaginal sex

Thanks to anal stimulation with the help of a soft, supple gel plug from the gel, the orgasm becomes much brighter, the stimulation is faster. Partners, who use anal plug, note that intercourse lasts longer and more intense, and this is important for those couples who have long been together and have lost the freshness of feelings and the former spark of passion. You should also know how does the electroshock butt plug work.

Psychology sexologists claim that sex toys allow partners not only to get rid of the complexes, but also to become spiritually closer, because quality sex is one of the most important criteria for stable and strong relationships. Anal toy or the likes of chastity devices helps to secure or return the desires and interest of partners to each other.

To prepare for anal sex

The anus and vagina, at first uninitiated view, have a similar structure. They have muscle walls that can stretch. But many people make a huge mistake, considering that anal sex, as well as vaginal sex; you can start troubles of delay and preliminary preparation. The fact is that the muscles of the anus tend to contract and contract with any attempt to invade.

Inside the anus there are two muscle rings – the external and internal sphincters. The “work” of the first is coordinated by the central nervous system, and it can be relaxed, relatively speaking, by an effort of will. The internal sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. In order for anal sex not to cause pain, it is necessary to learn how to relax the second muscle ring.

This can be done with the help of anal plug for beginners. Anal plug for training the muscles of the anus has a tapered shape and a smooth surface. Gel butt plug is ideal for this purpose.

When choosing a device you should not strive for impressive size, most likely, a big butt plug will cause frustration, discomfort and will for a long time turn away novice users from anal pleasures. It is better to give preference to the cork with a size of 10-12 cm in length and 1.5-2 cm in diameter. For beginners, it will be relevant to buy a set of anal plugs to prepare for penetration. The set consists of two or more plug-ins with different dimensions, and after the smallest cork penetrates the anus without difficulty, you can proceed to “training” with a larger diameter plug.

Gel plug for long wearing

The gel has found its application in the manufacture of such a luxurious sex device as a butt plug for wearing. The plug is held in the anus by the external and internal sphincters. Anal plug for wearing differs from its other counterparts in the design of the base. The limiter should be located comfortably between the buttocks, but at the same time securely fix the plug in the anus to avoid slipping into the rectum. Get your plug now at loveplugs.co.

The main purpose of anal toys for wearing is not in the commission of translational movements. Its main purpose is to enter the anus and stay there for a long time, giving an unforgettable experience. This plug can be used during a love foreplay, vaginal or oral sex, masturbation. Cork will only add to the sensations of sharpness and piquancy.

But gourmets of sex with a touch of adventurism prefer to use the butt plug for wearing during their daily activities. Just imagine what a secret pleasure to give a cork while working in the office or shopping!

When choosing the anal plug for wearing again, the size criterion comes to the fore. The anus has a heightened sensitivity, and the device causes a powerful excitement. With a strong reduction of muscle rings, the cork can simply slip out of the ass. If this situation occurs more than once, you will most likely need a more voluminous device.

The modern range of sex toys allows you to pick up the anal plug even the most demanding users. You can purchase anal plug:

  • With a perfectly smooth and delicate surface
  • Textured plugs with different reliefs for the most intense stimulation
  • Cork, imitating the penis
  • Curved plug for massaging the prostate gland for men or point A for women
  • With or without vibration

Tips for beginners

When choosing an anal plug, even if you decide to purchase an elastic and tender gel plug, close attention should be paid to the size of the device. Begin to comprehend the vast world of anal pleasures with the smallest device. Of course, overall anal plugs look more exciting and erotic, but the plug with a diameter of 5-7 cm fall into the category of anus dilators and will suit only those who already have experience of anal love.

Enters the cork better lying on its side, while the muscles should be as relaxed as possible. An orgasm or pre-orgasmic condition will help to cope with the introduction of the plug as comfortable and painless as possible.

Haste and impatience are the main enemies of anal pleasure. Act slowly and gently, otherwise anal pleasure will be the subject of frustration. Insert a cork tip 1-2 cm and take a short time out – let the muscles get used and relax. At this time, it is not necessary to stop the caress of other erogenous zones. After that, you can continue the introduction of the plug until full penetration.

Using anal toys without additional lubrication is another common mistake among newcomers to the subject of anal caresses. Without this simple manipulation, anal penetration by even the smallest device can turn into torture. In the anus, unlike the vagina, there are no glands responsible for natural moisturizing. Therefore, you need to take care of this important procedure yourself.

Fortunately, today you don’t have to wrestle with this, with the help of which you moisten the anus. Just purchase a special lubricant. This can be done in a sex shop where you buy a toy, or the nearest pharmacy. It is worth paying attention to the markings on the original packaging. It is best to use anal lubricant labeled ANAL. Apply lubricant to the muscular ring of the anus and on the tip of the toy, and start receiving unearthly pleasure.

If you choose a gel anal toy, buy a water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Other lubricants can adversely affect the delicate texture of the gel, and sooner or later scuffs or cracks will appear on the surface of the toy.

Use the anal plug strictly on an individual basis: this thing is not intended for transmission to strangers or even a partner. In extreme cases, use a condom.

If you still need help with anal training, you can read more resources online.

The benefits of anal toys

Of course, the main mission of any sex toy is your bliss. But the benefits of anal toys even more than it may seem at the uninitiated look. Sometimes the use of anal plug may be recommended by a gynecologist. The situation when a woman gives birth to too large a distance between the vaginal walls and their tone is weakened – quite common. This leads to loss of sensitivity, and the woman herself and her partner becomes problematic to enjoy coition. The use of an anal plug makes it possible to significantly narrow the space between the vaginal muscles by filling the anus and to return to the partner sharp and savory sensations.

Prostatitis is a serious disease of the male urogenital system, and representatives of a strong half of humanity after the age of thirty can often complain of a weakened libido, decreased erection, and frequent urination. Why wait for problems if they can be prevented with the help of an anal toy. Massage and stimulation of the prostate – an effective means of preventing prostatitis. For this purpose, choose the anal plug of a special form: the toy has a curved tip and a body deflected from the axis.

In some cases, proctologists may also recommend the use of anal toys for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Anal caress can prevent the development of hemorrhoids and blood stagnation in the pelvic organs.

How to Safely Use Anal Vibrators

Men and women can benefit equally from anal stimulation. Whether solo masturbation or foreplay – butt plug, anal vibrator and dildo play is an exciting experience for men, no matter what sexual orientation!

In this category you will find a selection of specially designed male anal vibrators. From small and slim vibrators for a comfortable entry to high-performance and large vibrators for professionals you will find everything the experimental male heart desires! Also know can you use normal vibrator for anal.

What are anal vibrators for men?

Male anal vibrators are male anatomy perfect vibrators for anal use. They are usually slimmer and longer than anal plugs, and are thus relatively easy to introduce. However, their stimulation is far more intense than you would expect from anal plugs and anal dildos. We carry anal vibrators in different sizes, lengths and capacities. If you are experimenting with anal toys for the first time, you should start with a smaller toy. Anal vibrators can be used for solo masturbation or foreplay.

Many men associate erotic stimulation solely with the penis but this is just one of two similar erogenous zones of the male body. The anus has various sensitive nerve endings, which can be gently or intensively pampered with different toys – for some of the most intense orgasms that men can experience.

The anal vibrators in our range are designed for different types of stimulation – from small and slim vibrators to larger, rounder, high-performance toys, you’ll find the right vibrators for your preferences and experience.

Anal vibrators for every taste

We carry a select collection of anal vibrators for men, with different designs, functionalities and performance levels. For beginners, we carry relatively small, slim vibrators with understated designs and intuitive operation. For a comfortable entry, our slim butt plug with vibration function is also good. You can see more toys at https://loveplugs.co/

Experienced and adventurous men can try our larger and more powerful anal vibrators. These often have spherical shapes along the shaft and curved designs that add extra stimulation to your most eroded zones during insertion and play. These round joy donors spoil at the same time perineum, so the dam, and the prostate.

All of the vibrators presented here are easy to control. So you can adjust the intensity of the vibration patterns in the solo masturbation or foreplay in the blink of an eye perfectly to your needs, and gradually strengthen and weaken. If you want to use your vibrators when playing with your partner, we recommend a model with a separate remote control.

Expert recommends that you always use anal vibrators with some high quality water based lubricant. The lubricant facilitates the insertion of the toy, and lets you enjoy the stimulation of the vibration patterns even more intense. Only use water-based lubricants with silicone toys; other products may damage the material.

There are many different anal toys for men – anal dildos, Anal plus, analgesic, prostate stimulators, anal vibrators, etc. For inexperienced anal gamers customers can find it difficult to select the right toy for their own preferences and interests in the large variety of products.

Basically, the stimulation of most of our anal toys for men is similar – most of these toys stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in the anus, the perineum and the male P-spot, the prostate. The type of stimulation depends on the size, length and shape as well as the presence and type of possible vibration functions.

In order to help you in the selection of the perfect toy, we have provided our customers in the detailed product descriptions of each product in addition to information on materials and helpful tips and tips on uses. If any questions remain unanswered in the product descriptions, or if you need help with the selection of a toy, please do not hesitate to contact sex advisers!

Anal sex was, and is partially still, as an absolute taboo topic. Talk about it or even practice – excluded. Many, who have tried it once, do not see it that way. The anal area is considered a highly erogenous zone and can be stimulated in a wide variety of ways, both in men and in women. Anal vibrators stand for maximum enjoyment through the back door.

Anal vibrators provide fun on many levels

But if you take a look at the product range, you will notice immediately: there are no limits to the variety of colors and shapes. Small and wide, studded and curved or narrowing forward – however, the exciting shapes are not always just the product of a designer’s imagination. Rather, the construction of most variants has a practical use. Heavily curved designs like the Rocks off Rude Boy are good for stimulating the prostate at the same time. Tapered, i.e. conical, models are particularly recommended for beginners who want to gain initial experience in the field of anal pleasure. And for couples, strap-on vibrators can be worth investing in.

When buying an anal vibrator you should make sure that he:

  • Made of a slippery material, for example made of medical grade silicone
  • Has a wide base, such as a squeegee or pronounced handle
  • Intuitive and easy to use

The right preparation is crucial

Before it goes to the act, you should turn to the intestinal hygiene. Anal intercourse is especially safe if the intestine was previously emptied. To make sure that the sensitive zone is really clean, you can also perform an intimate shower especially for the anal area. Anyone who feels well and ready now can go for the slight intestinal expansion . For this, the anal area is gentle either with your fingers or with a small plug pre-stretched. This prepares the anus for the following lovemaking with the vibrator and can also serve optimally as foreplay. Afterwards, the sensitive area with the specimen of choice can be slowly explored. You should definitely take your time. Going carelessly here, permanent, rectal damage can be the result.

Absolutely advisable is the use of a suitable lubricant, the composition of which depends largely on the Toy material. Silicone vibrators should only be used with water-based lubricants. Silicon-based lubricant would attack the base of the vibrator and make it porous over time.


Anal stimulation often appeals to women and men alike. In combination with the right intimate hygiene and the appropriate lubrication anal sex is perceived by most as very pleasant. Anyone who chooses an anal vibrator should start slowly and small, until you work your way to the larger, more powerful models.

Travelling with a Butt Plug: The Ultimate Guide

Few men agree that they too enjoy anal stimulation. How to convince your partner for Travelling with a loveplug, without him realizing it right away:

Many men have an irrational homophobic fear of any anal stimulation. They really miss something! The perineum and the prostate together with the penis are the center of male pleasure – if you stimulate them properly. Give your partner secretly and unobtrusively new ways of pleasure, so casually and unobtrusively, that he would never expect you to do that extra.

Insider tip: So you make yourself a butt plug

It is best to approach his butt when you sit and he penetrates you from the front. Now wrap his butt with your legs. Wait with your secret anal mission until the mood is really heated and pleasurable. Now, as in an act of wild passion, grab his butt with both hands and pull apart his buttocks. For the next few strokes, they settle for kneading his butt and pulling him close. Even pulling apart the buttocks gives his anus a sexy stimulation that will nourish your partner properly.

Dizziness does not have to be – stay on the ball!

Dizziness in old age begins usually creeping and restricts more and more the usual everyday activities. If not treated early, it can become a permanent problem and even lead to falls. Effective drugs for the treatment of mild dizziness are also available over the counter in the pharmacy.

Of course, your secret mission does not have to end here! You can include your butt in the lovemaking as often as possible even without putting a finger in it! He will eventually find it natural to have your hands land in places where no sun normally shines. So if someday you slip your little finger on or into his anus, he will trust you so much that he can enjoy this act. Anyone talking about anal stimulation must expect a sensation.

Kama sutra positions For Dummies

But keep an important point in mind: even if your partner is visibly enjoying the little-finger act, do not force him to admit or talk about it. Keep this sweet open secret to yourself. Even if both parties know it, he may be embarrassed to talk about it and then he will never want to get involved again. A good anal bond girl never talks about your mission! Many women are especially afraid of the pain, which they connect mentally with anal sex. Is anal intercourse associated with risks?

When women refuse anal sex, it is usually prevalent that the sex through the back door could be painful and unhygienic. In fact, there are some risks of anal sex that you should know. To prepare for anal sex, go to loveplugs and see how it’s done.

Risk of injury during anal sex

Fancy anal sex: the mucous membrane of the rectum is particularly sensitive and the anus is not as stretchy as the vagina, it can easily lead to injuries, which can also be associated with pain. If germs from the intestine get into such wounds, inflammation can also occur. However, such injuries can be easily prevented by using a suitable lubricant and your sweetheart gently introduces his penis. Also, many women find anal sex more comfortable if the anus is previously pre-stretched with the help of a finger or a special sex toys called butt plugs.

Furthermore, there are other risks to injure you in anal sex, when the penis penetrates very deep into the intestine. Therefore, it is always recommended to start carefully and to introduce the penis gradually bit by bit. If you feel pain, you should not just pass it on.

Dizziness in old age is easy to treat!

Slight dizziness, a dull feeling and insecurity when walking and standing: These are symptoms that many older people suffer from. The complaints increasingly limit the daily activities and hobbies of those affected.

The intestinal bacteria are usually not problematic if you follow a few hygiene rules. This includes, for example, that the penis should not be pulled out of the anus and then inserted into the vagina. Because when bacteria enter the vagina from the anal area, the germs can cause infections there. Therefore, the condom (to reduce any risks) between anal sex and vaginal sex should be changed or the penis thoroughly cleaned.

Insider tip: So you make yourself a butt plug

As with vaginal intercourse, there are also risks of contracting a sexually transmitted disease in anal sex. But condoms offer a very good protection against venereal diseases. But beware: If you also use a lubricant, make sure it is suitable for use with condoms because conventional latex condoms must not be combined with a lubricant that contains silicones. Otherwise, there is a risk that the condom dissolves or breaks.

Whom flower sex and always the same sex positions at some point to boring, brings through sex games like a change in his sex life. Sex games provide a special erotic tension and are ideally suited to counteract too much routine and monotony during sex.

At home, basically any sex games can be performed. It gets a bit more difficult when traveling. After all, you cannot take an unlimited number of things on a trip and in an environment that you do not know at all or only little, you will not soon find suitable places for sex games outside of your own accommodation. In addition, one can negotiate in other countries when having sex outdoors in comparison to significantly larger problems, if one is caught doing it.But there is no reason to go without sex games. We have put together the best sex games that you can easily play in the distance.

Sex games with the right sex toys

Sex toys are for the vast majority of people a tremendous enrichment of their own sex life and for many contemporaries without sex without them. Even when traveling, sex toys can be useful helpers for sex games of all kinds. But not every sex toy is suitable for a trip. A St. Andrew’s Cross or complete bondage equipment, for example, will be difficult to transport, especially on air travel.

But there are plenty of sex toys that can be carried comfortably in your hand luggage, such as dildos and vibrators, butt plugs, handcuffs, anal beads and many more. But you should keep in mind that on air travel the baggage is screened.

Equipped with such sex toys you can have as much fun away from home as at home. The special charm can come about here through the new environment. Whether in a noble hotel room, a holiday apartment or a camping tent: with sex toys you can make sex games while traveling even more exciting, than in your own home.

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Sex Toys

Software is everywhere. And wherever software is, hackers are not far. But we are not talking about security holes and bug fixes here. Recently, a dildo was hacked again – what is still safe? You’re probably here to read about the sex toy, not the hacking and hacking. We want to meet the wish and try new things with the dildo!

But seriously, the regular reports that this app or that internet-of-things-thing can be hacked, often strikes us today only a weary shrug. In traffic, you can crash, yes, and in the digital world, you can be hacked. Life risk, you have to accept it. Nevertheless, socially, of course, it remains a very important question of how we handle it when the equipment with which we surround ourselves is externally controllable.

Sex Toys: Fall in love with

The best selling anal Plug Set consists of 2 different anal plugs. They have 10 different vibration modes and can be adjusted arbitrarily by remote control. Both anal plugs have a wider end, which prevents you from accidentally slipping completely.

Why you should fall in love with this love toy

By wearing the anal plug, you can stretch your anus and allow your partner to penetrate easily. It’s a great alternative to performing cunnilingus. At the same time, your sphincter is trained so you won’t have to worry about having sex with long nails. This ensures that the anal intercourse with your loved one is even more intense and lustful. Of course you can also use the anal plug during vaginal sex. He massages your anus from the inside and outside and simultaneously stimulates the prostate in a man. You can choose metal and steel butt plugs according to your wish.

How do you pamper yourself with this love toy

Gently apply the butt plug with lubricant. The wider end promises easy removal. The regular training will not only simplify your anal intercourse but also beautify it many times over. After use, you should clean your butt plug with soap and water. For disinfection, a toy cleaner can be used.

As a submissive woman, the idea of anal play was always appealing to me, but not sure if your butt would play there. Anal play is fun and the butt plays with. You just need to know what you’re playing with and although the price is a problem, you should not resort to jelly plugs or jelly plugs from other manufacturers because they are harmful to your health.

However, still buying the Butt Plug Set or anal plug is preferred, because you did not know then that the plasticizers of these plugs are harmful to your health. You wanted something cheap in different sizes to try out the game with the plugs. Conveniently, the plugs were not in the end, because they landed quickly in the trash. The plugs had a positive effect; you will be able to determine how a plug should be shaped and how the sizes feel. But here’s the secret of the right shape and size, so you do not have to resort to the Dip Butt Plug Set. Exercising using yoni eggs to train your pelvic is also a good thing specially long term cause it could open new levels and ways on how you operate with any kinds of sex toys.

Why is the Butt Plug set harmful to your health?

The jelly plugs use phthalates as plasticizers. This plasticizer causes irritation of the mucous membranes. In addition, mucous membranes are irritated even further, because of the rubber sweats. Prolonged wear can, therefore, lead to considerable irritation. Worse still, the slow secretion of the substances can lead to cancer so when buying toys always make sure that the toys contain no phthalates, because unfortunately, they may continue to be sold.

The smallest plug is barely larger than a finger and this size is ideal for getting used to what is being introduced to the buttocks. However, there is also a finger, but please pay attention to short fingernails.

The middle plug is a good size for beginners especially when you are having sex with someone else, but the shape of this medium plug is problematic: The width of the lower shaft is hardly different from the widest part of the plug. This means that the sphincter can hardly hold the plug in the butt and therefore the plug slips out quite easily. When looking for the right plug, make sure that the shaft is considerably narrower than the plug.

The big plug stretches the anus pretty well and you should first practice with a smaller one before venturing on a plug of this size. The difference between the shaft and the plug, however, is good. The base of the Butt Plugs was absolutely fine. The base of a plug should be wide enough that there is no danger of the plug disappearing in the butt. It drives men wild! This happens more often than you think and surgeons spend a lot of time removing objects from the buttocks. This is definitely incomparable to eating eight phenomenal desserts.

Alternatives to jelly plugs

The selection of plugs is immense. Pay attention to the correct form and basis and the material does not contain phthalates. Alternatives without phthalates are:

  • Silicone Plugs: Soft Plugs. These plugs are hardly more expensive than jelly plugs, but do not contain the harmful phthalates. However, you may not use silicone-containing lubricants with silicone plugs.
  • Vinyl: A soft plug, be sure to use no phthalates as a plasticizer.
  • Stainless steel: The Porsche among the plugs. Noble, pretty and durable. For that, of course, more expensive. Pay attention to the processing, especially if it is an apparently too cheap stainless steel plug. Stainless steel plugs are often available with inlaid gemstones.
  • Wood: Also very noble and durable plugs, but slightly cheaper than stainless steel plugs. Again, make sure to work well, the anus with your mucous membranes is sensitive. Wood plugs are also often made with gemstones.
  • Glass: Do not worry, a plug does not have to be soft and even glass is an option for a special plug that lives long.

Conclusion: Material shape and size are crucial

Material: The price lures, because you get three plugs at the price of a plug, but the 15 dollars will end up in the trash. Invest a little more and buy a silicone plug to try it out. If it should be something better or more special, look at the plugs made of stainless steel, glass or wood.

Shape: Pay attention to the correct shape when choosing the plug. The base must be wide enough to ensure safe carrying and that the plug does not slip in. The difference between plug and shank must be big enough that the plug does not slip out.

Size: The plugs in the size of a finger seem superfluous to me, because you can relax so at most the sphincter a bit and you do not need a plug. For beginners, a plug of medium size is recommended. A diameter of about 3 cm should be fine. Plugs with a diameter of at least 4 cm are a bit harder to introduce and probably too big for most beginners.

What are the Options in Butt Plug Use?

Why use butt plugs? Of course, for adult fun. These little things are awfully exciting and also help strengthen the vaginal orgasm. This is an incredible way to start exploring the anal limits with yourself, as an element of tantra yoga and meditation, as well as anal stimulation when having sex with a partner.

A butt plug is a great addition to your sex toy collection, and if you’re just about to start getting acquainted and sexually arousing with anal sex and anal toys, you need to start with anal plugs. It is best to use cork in combination with anal lubrication. If you’re interested, you can find buttplugs here.

How to use the butt plug

Butt plug – a small but thoughtful sex toy. The head of a conical shape for easy penetration, the cork body expanding to the base for full stimulation, a thin leg with a wide top – for reliable retention with your fingers and prevent slipping inside. Butt plugs were designed specifically for anal games, and are designed to gently stretch the anus and stimulate nerve endings inside and outside the anus. And yes, do not think about questions such as is using butt plugs make you gay?

First, you need to apply anal lubricant to the anus and anal plug. It is better to use a special anal lubricant it is thicker and better providing ease of sliding.

Stand comfortably in one of these three positions:

  • Stand on all fours
  • Lie on your back with a large pillow under your buttocks
  • Sit on the butt plug, kneeling or standing

Having tried all three ways, you will quickly discover which one suit you best. But if you want, you can continue to experiment with all three ways the same way you learn how you got yourself into watching porn with your partner.

To insert the anal plug, attach its tip to the anus, slightly tilt it towards the abdomen and gently press. You should feel that the tip of the cork is already inside you. If you do not feel discomfort at the same time, press again until the anal plug is completely inside you, leaving only the base outside.

With the anal plug inserted inside, you can enjoy intercourse or other forms of stimulation, but if you want to get pleasure from the stimulation of the anus, try moving, slightly bending or turning the plug inside yourself.

The anal plug can be left in itself for various lengths of time – from half an hour to several hours, but we recommend pulling it out at least every hour for re-lubrication. Thanks to frequent lubrication, you will not experience any discomfort while moving or having sex. Start experimenting with anal plugs with smaller plugs. Imagine having beautiful women who surround you, and when you feel ready to progress, try a larger anal plug, or a model with vibration.

Butt plug of Boost Fun Factory is an exemplary standard device plus a great design. There are a huge variety of traffic jams (they are plug-ins or sleeves), but there are only two main tasks: to stimulate nerve endings around the anus and fill the anus to narrow the vagina and change your sexual feelings and partner. At the cork, there must be a stop on the end so that the toy does not disappear somewhere inside and does not have to visit the emergency room. Between the limiter and the main part – a narrow jumper, so as not to stretch the anal sphincter once again.

Crystal Delight Short Stem

Glass stoppers are reminiscent of steel in terms of sensations and consumer properties: made from borosilicate glass, they are extremely durable (they produce chemical laboratories of the same material); they can be safely washed in a dishwasher, frozen and even boiled. True, Crystal Delight with Hello Kitty cannot be boiled – Swarovski crystals can fall off. High-quality glass corks are smooth, heavy, of various shapes and are felt very clearly, and after washing it is nice to look at them. But if you drop the cork on the stone floor and still manage to at least microscopically damage, stop using it immediately.

Rosebuds tail bud

Plugs with tails, and often made of natural fur (strongly disapprove, better artificial materials or horsehair, like Rosebuds Tail bud L) – ready props for playing host or a playful pet. Most often depicted sexy kitty or funny pony. Add ears, a collar with a bell or a saddle, and the clothes here are already superfluous. Hint: it is more convenient to ride a pony if it is depicted by a man, and a cat instead of a cat simply looks better because it is more hairy. And in general, the kitty is a beaten type, but a good cat is not only valuable fur on the bottom, but also 70–90 kg of meowing.

Hector Helix Buttplug

Electrode, which is somehow worth talking about separately, bushings also did not go around. A metal surface or electrodes on a plug made of other materials distribute weak electrical discharges that cause the muscles to contract, which gives additional sensations. Sex devices, if they are not homemade, in principle, cannot give painful or dangerous discharges of electricity. The exception is one: if you have a pacemaker installed. In this case, forget about any electric section – unfortunately, it can kill you.

Each of us gets sexual pleasure in different ways. Stimulating the anus is a good way to get pleasure, because the area of ??the anus has many nerve endings. This technique can be used for individual enjoyment, and to complement the intima. Butt plug is one of the popular toys of stimulants; it is made in the shape of a cone and has a wide base.

Butt plugs: what is it?

Butt plugs are different from other toys of this kind in that it can be used for a long period of time. Some people like to walk with a toy inside and at the same time do their usual daily activities.

Women actively use this toy in the postpartum period to meet the quality of sex. After childbirth, for natural reasons, the vaginal muscles are stretched and cannot deliver to the partner, and the lady herself, proper pleasure. But if you apply the anal plug, it will be possible to notice a significant decrease in the walls of the vagina and thereby increase the effectiveness of intima.

Men are recommended to use the anal plug not only as a toy for satisfaction, but as a simulator for the prevention of prostatitis. During intercourse, stopper will help stimulate an erection and make intimacy more intense.

How to choose butt plug?

To choose the tool that will help you make your sex richer, pay attention to several factors:

  • The size. For beginners, we recommend choosing a cork of a small diameter of 2 cm, and for thrill-seekers, you can try cork 7 cm in diameter.
  • Smooth or ribbed – the choice is individual, the main thing is moisturizing.
  • Choose soft and malleable. Thermoplastic, silicone and cyberskin are great options for such toys.
  • Vibration for better feeling. Provide a remote control to your partner, and he will be delighted.