3 Best Types of Electrochock Butt Plugs

A sex toy that has a cone-shaped or tear-shaped form, the main purpose of which is to stimulate the nerve endings in the anus is a gel butt plug, which can be bought in our store. And if men and women who already have experience in using gel plug-ins do not have to tell about all the charms of this anal toy, then beginners should make a closer look at the advantages and advantages of a cork made from this material and the rules its use.

Who needs gel plug anal

The anal plug of the gel differs from its fellow soft, delicate and smooth surface. Gel plug for anal is very elastic, but it is elastic. When used, the device can bend at any angle and quickly restores its original shape. The gel, by virtue of its physical properties, does not injure the delicate tissues of the anus and the pre-anal zone, even when not very skillfully used. Therefore, gel butt plug will be the perfect sex toy for:

  • Preparation for anal penetration;
  • As anal plug for long wear;
  • Anal stimulation during masturbation;
  • For prostate massage;
  • Constriction of vaginal muscles during classic vaginal sex

Thanks to anal stimulation with the help of a soft, supple gel plug from the gel, the orgasm becomes much brighter, the stimulation is faster. Partners, who use anal plug, note that intercourse lasts longer and more intense, and this is important for those couples who have long been together and have lost the freshness of feelings and the former spark of passion. You should also know how does the electroshock butt plug work.

Psychology sexologists claim that sex toys allow partners not only to get rid of the complexes, but also to become spiritually closer, because quality sex is one of the most important criteria for stable and strong relationships. Anal toy or the likes of chastity devices helps to secure or return the desires and interest of partners to each other.

To prepare for anal sex

The anus and vagina, at first uninitiated view, have a similar structure. They have muscle walls that can stretch. But many people make a huge mistake, considering that anal sex, as well as vaginal sex; you can start troubles of delay and preliminary preparation. The fact is that the muscles of the anus tend to contract and contract with any attempt to invade.

Inside the anus there are two muscle rings – the external and internal sphincters. The “work” of the first is coordinated by the central nervous system, and it can be relaxed, relatively speaking, by an effort of will. The internal sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. In order for anal sex not to cause pain, it is necessary to learn how to relax the second muscle ring.

This can be done with the help of anal plug for beginners. Anal plug for training the muscles of the anus has a tapered shape and a smooth surface. Gel butt plug is ideal for this purpose.

When choosing a device you should not strive for impressive size, most likely, a big butt plug will cause frustration, discomfort and will for a long time turn away novice users from anal pleasures. It is better to give preference to the cork with a size of 10-12 cm in length and 1.5-2 cm in diameter. For beginners, it will be relevant to buy a set of anal plugs to prepare for penetration. The set consists of two or more plug-ins with different dimensions, and after the smallest cork penetrates the anus without difficulty, you can proceed to “training” with a larger diameter plug.

Gel plug for long wearing

The gel has found its application in the manufacture of such a luxurious sex device as a butt plug for wearing. The plug is held in the anus by the external and internal sphincters. Anal plug for wearing differs from its other counterparts in the design of the base. The limiter should be located comfortably between the buttocks, but at the same time securely fix the plug in the anus to avoid slipping into the rectum. Get your plug now at loveplugs.co.

The main purpose of anal toys for wearing is not in the commission of translational movements. Its main purpose is to enter the anus and stay there for a long time, giving an unforgettable experience. This plug can be used during a love foreplay, vaginal or oral sex, masturbation. Cork will only add to the sensations of sharpness and piquancy.

But gourmets of sex with a touch of adventurism prefer to use the butt plug for wearing during their daily activities. Just imagine what a secret pleasure to give a cork while working in the office or shopping!

When choosing the anal plug for wearing again, the size criterion comes to the fore. The anus has a heightened sensitivity, and the device causes a powerful excitement. With a strong reduction of muscle rings, the cork can simply slip out of the ass. If this situation occurs more than once, you will most likely need a more voluminous device.

The modern range of sex toys allows you to pick up the anal plug even the most demanding users. You can purchase anal plug:

  • With a perfectly smooth and delicate surface
  • Textured plugs with different reliefs for the most intense stimulation
  • Cork, imitating the penis
  • Curved plug for massaging the prostate gland for men or point A for women
  • With or without vibration

Tips for beginners

When choosing an anal plug, even if you decide to purchase an elastic and tender gel plug, close attention should be paid to the size of the device. Begin to comprehend the vast world of anal pleasures with the smallest device. Of course, overall anal plugs look more exciting and erotic, but the plug with a diameter of 5-7 cm fall into the category of anus dilators and will suit only those who already have experience of anal love.

Enters the cork better lying on its side, while the muscles should be as relaxed as possible. An orgasm or pre-orgasmic condition will help to cope with the introduction of the plug as comfortable and painless as possible.

Haste and impatience are the main enemies of anal pleasure. Act slowly and gently, otherwise anal pleasure will be the subject of frustration. Insert a cork tip 1-2 cm and take a short time out – let the muscles get used and relax. At this time, it is not necessary to stop the caress of other erogenous zones. After that, you can continue the introduction of the plug until full penetration.

Using anal toys without additional lubrication is another common mistake among newcomers to the subject of anal caresses. Without this simple manipulation, anal penetration by even the smallest device can turn into torture. In the anus, unlike the vagina, there are no glands responsible for natural moisturizing. Therefore, you need to take care of this important procedure yourself.

Fortunately, today you don’t have to wrestle with this, with the help of which you moisten the anus. Just purchase a special lubricant. This can be done in a sex shop where you buy a toy, or the nearest pharmacy. It is worth paying attention to the markings on the original packaging. It is best to use anal lubricant labeled ANAL. Apply lubricant to the muscular ring of the anus and on the tip of the toy, and start receiving unearthly pleasure.

If you choose a gel anal toy, buy a water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Other lubricants can adversely affect the delicate texture of the gel, and sooner or later scuffs or cracks will appear on the surface of the toy.

Use the anal plug strictly on an individual basis: this thing is not intended for transmission to strangers or even a partner. In extreme cases, use a condom.

If you still need help with anal training, you can read more resources online.

The benefits of anal toys

Of course, the main mission of any sex toy is your bliss. But the benefits of anal toys even more than it may seem at the uninitiated look. Sometimes the use of anal plug may be recommended by a gynecologist. The situation when a woman gives birth to too large a distance between the vaginal walls and their tone is weakened – quite common. This leads to loss of sensitivity, and the woman herself and her partner becomes problematic to enjoy coition. The use of an anal plug makes it possible to significantly narrow the space between the vaginal muscles by filling the anus and to return to the partner sharp and savory sensations.

Prostatitis is a serious disease of the male urogenital system, and representatives of a strong half of humanity after the age of thirty can often complain of a weakened libido, decreased erection, and frequent urination. Why wait for problems if they can be prevented with the help of an anal toy. Massage and stimulation of the prostate – an effective means of preventing prostatitis. For this purpose, choose the anal plug of a special form: the toy has a curved tip and a body deflected from the axis.

In some cases, proctologists may also recommend the use of anal toys for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Anal caress can prevent the development of hemorrhoids and blood stagnation in the pelvic organs.

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