3 Reasons Why You Should Love Sex Toys

Software is everywhere. And wherever software is, hackers are not far. But we are not talking about security holes and bug fixes here. Recently, a dildo was hacked again – what is still safe? You’re probably here to read about the sex toy, not the hacking and hacking. We want to meet the wish and try new things with the dildo!

But seriously, the regular reports that this app or that internet-of-things-thing can be hacked, often strikes us today only a weary shrug. In traffic, you can crash, yes, and in the digital world, you can be hacked. Life risk, you have to accept it. Nevertheless, socially, of course, it remains a very important question of how we handle it when the equipment with which we surround ourselves is externally controllable.

Sex Toys: Fall in love with

The best selling anal Plug Set consists of 2 different anal plugs. They have 10 different vibration modes and can be adjusted arbitrarily by remote control. Both anal plugs have a wider end, which prevents you from accidentally slipping completely.

Why you should fall in love with this love toy

By wearing the anal plug, you can stretch your anus and allow your partner to penetrate easily. It’s a great alternative to performing cunnilingus. At the same time, your sphincter is trained so you won’t have to worry about having sex with long nails. This ensures that the anal intercourse with your loved one is even more intense and lustful. Of course you can also use the anal plug during vaginal sex. He massages your anus from the inside and outside and simultaneously stimulates the prostate in a man. You can choose metal and steel butt plugs according to your wish.

How do you pamper yourself with this love toy

Gently apply the butt plug with lubricant. The wider end promises easy removal. The regular training will not only simplify your anal intercourse but also beautify it many times over. After use, you should clean your butt plug with soap and water. For disinfection, a toy cleaner can be used.

As a submissive woman, the idea of anal play was always appealing to me, but not sure if your butt would play there. Anal play is fun and the butt plays with. You just need to know what you’re playing with and although the price is a problem, you should not resort to jelly plugs or jelly plugs from other manufacturers because they are harmful to your health.

However, still buying the Butt Plug Set or anal plug is preferred, because you did not know then that the plasticizers of these plugs are harmful to your health. You wanted something cheap in different sizes to try out the game with the plugs. Conveniently, the plugs were not in the end, because they landed quickly in the trash. The plugs had a positive effect; you will be able to determine how a plug should be shaped and how the sizes feel. But here’s the secret of the right shape and size, so you do not have to resort to the Dip Butt Plug Set. Exercising using yoni eggs to train your pelvic is also a good thing specially long term cause it could open new levels and ways on how you operate with any kinds of sex toys.

Why is the Butt Plug set harmful to your health?

The jelly plugs use phthalates as plasticizers. This plasticizer causes irritation of the mucous membranes. In addition, mucous membranes are irritated even further, because of the rubber sweats. Prolonged wear can, therefore, lead to considerable irritation. Worse still, the slow secretion of the substances can lead to cancer so when buying toys always make sure that the toys contain no phthalates, because unfortunately, they may continue to be sold.

The smallest plug is barely larger than a finger and this size is ideal for getting used to what is being introduced to the buttocks. However, there is also a finger, but please pay attention to short fingernails.

The middle plug is a good size for beginners especially when you are having sex with someone else, but the shape of this medium plug is problematic: The width of the lower shaft is hardly different from the widest part of the plug. This means that the sphincter can hardly hold the plug in the butt and therefore the plug slips out quite easily. When looking for the right plug, make sure that the shaft is considerably narrower than the plug.

The big plug stretches the anus pretty well and you should first practice with a smaller one before venturing on a plug of this size. The difference between the shaft and the plug, however, is good. The base of the Butt Plugs was absolutely fine. The base of a plug should be wide enough that there is no danger of the plug disappearing in the butt. It drives men wild! This happens more often than you think and surgeons spend a lot of time removing objects from the buttocks. This is definitely incomparable to eating eight phenomenal desserts.

Alternatives to jelly plugs

The selection of plugs is immense. Pay attention to the correct form and basis and the material does not contain phthalates. Alternatives without phthalates are:

  • Silicone Plugs: Soft Plugs. These plugs are hardly more expensive than jelly plugs, but do not contain the harmful phthalates. However, you may not use silicone-containing lubricants with silicone plugs.
  • Vinyl: A soft plug, be sure to use no phthalates as a plasticizer.
  • Stainless steel: The Porsche among the plugs. Noble, pretty and durable. For that, of course, more expensive. Pay attention to the processing, especially if it is an apparently too cheap stainless steel plug. Stainless steel plugs are often available with inlaid gemstones.
  • Wood: Also very noble and durable plugs, but slightly cheaper than stainless steel plugs. Again, make sure to work well, the anus with your mucous membranes is sensitive. Wood plugs are also often made with gemstones.
  • Glass: Do not worry, a plug does not have to be soft and even glass is an option for a special plug that lives long.

Conclusion: Material shape and size are crucial

Material: The price lures, because you get three plugs at the price of a plug, but the 15 dollars will end up in the trash. Invest a little more and buy a silicone plug to try it out. If it should be something better or more special, look at the plugs made of stainless steel, glass or wood.

Shape: Pay attention to the correct shape when choosing the plug. The base must be wide enough to ensure safe carrying and that the plug does not slip in. The difference between plug and shank must be big enough that the plug does not slip out.

Size: The plugs in the size of a finger seem superfluous to me, because you can relax so at most the sphincter a bit and you do not need a plug. For beginners, a plug of medium size is recommended. A diameter of about 3 cm should be fine. Plugs with a diameter of at least 4 cm are a bit harder to introduce and probably too big for most beginners.

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