How to Safely Use Anal Vibrators

Men and women can benefit equally from anal stimulation. Whether solo masturbation or foreplay – butt plug, anal vibrator and dildo play is an exciting experience for men, no matter what sexual orientation!

In this category you will find a selection of specially designed male anal vibrators. From small and slim vibrators for a comfortable entry to high-performance and large vibrators for professionals you will find everything the experimental male heart desires! Also know can you use normal vibrator for anal.

What are anal vibrators for men?

Male anal vibrators are male anatomy perfect vibrators for anal use. They are usually slimmer and longer than anal plugs, and are thus relatively easy to introduce. However, their stimulation is far more intense than you would expect from anal plugs and anal dildos. We carry anal vibrators in different sizes, lengths and capacities. If you are experimenting with anal toys for the first time, you should start with a smaller toy. Anal vibrators can be used for solo masturbation or foreplay.

Many men associate erotic stimulation solely with the penis but this is just one of two similar erogenous zones of the male body. The anus has various sensitive nerve endings, which can be gently or intensively pampered with different toys – for some of the most intense orgasms that men can experience.

The anal vibrators in our range are designed for different types of stimulation – from small and slim vibrators to larger, rounder, high-performance toys, you’ll find the right vibrators for your preferences and experience.

Anal vibrators for every taste

We carry a select collection of anal vibrators for men, with different designs, functionalities and performance levels. For beginners, we carry relatively small, slim vibrators with understated designs and intuitive operation. For a comfortable entry, our slim butt plug with vibration function is also good. You can see more toys at

Experienced and adventurous men can try our larger and more powerful anal vibrators. These often have spherical shapes along the shaft and curved designs that add extra stimulation to your most eroded zones during insertion and play. These round joy donors spoil at the same time perineum, so the dam, and the prostate.

All of the vibrators presented here are easy to control. So you can adjust the intensity of the vibration patterns in the solo masturbation or foreplay in the blink of an eye perfectly to your needs, and gradually strengthen and weaken. If you want to use your vibrators when playing with your partner, we recommend a model with a separate remote control.

Expert recommends that you always use anal vibrators with some high quality water based lubricant. The lubricant facilitates the insertion of the toy, and lets you enjoy the stimulation of the vibration patterns even more intense. Only use water-based lubricants with silicone toys; other products may damage the material.

There are many different anal toys for men – anal dildos, Anal plus, analgesic, prostate stimulators, anal vibrators, etc. For inexperienced anal gamers customers can find it difficult to select the right toy for their own preferences and interests in the large variety of products.

Basically, the stimulation of most of our anal toys for men is similar – most of these toys stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in the anus, the perineum and the male P-spot, the prostate. The type of stimulation depends on the size, length and shape as well as the presence and type of possible vibration functions.

In order to help you in the selection of the perfect toy, we have provided our customers in the detailed product descriptions of each product in addition to information on materials and helpful tips and tips on uses. If any questions remain unanswered in the product descriptions, or if you need help with the selection of a toy, please do not hesitate to contact sex advisers!

Anal sex was, and is partially still, as an absolute taboo topic. Talk about it or even practice – excluded. Many, who have tried it once, do not see it that way. The anal area is considered a highly erogenous zone and can be stimulated in a wide variety of ways, both in men and in women. Anal vibrators stand for maximum enjoyment through the back door.

Anal vibrators provide fun on many levels

But if you take a look at the product range, you will notice immediately: there are no limits to the variety of colors and shapes. Small and wide, studded and curved or narrowing forward – however, the exciting shapes are not always just the product of a designer’s imagination. Rather, the construction of most variants has a practical use. Heavily curved designs like the Rocks off Rude Boy are good for stimulating the prostate at the same time. Tapered, i.e. conical, models are particularly recommended for beginners who want to gain initial experience in the field of anal pleasure. And for couples, strap-on vibrators can be worth investing in.

When buying an anal vibrator you should make sure that he:

  • Made of a slippery material, for example made of medical grade silicone
  • Has a wide base, such as a squeegee or pronounced handle
  • Intuitive and easy to use

The right preparation is crucial

Before it goes to the act, you should turn to the intestinal hygiene. Anal intercourse is especially safe if the intestine was previously emptied. To make sure that the sensitive zone is really clean, you can also perform an intimate shower especially for the anal area. Anyone who feels well and ready now can go for the slight intestinal expansion . For this, the anal area is gentle either with your fingers or with a small plug pre-stretched. This prepares the anus for the following lovemaking with the vibrator and can also serve optimally as foreplay. Afterwards, the sensitive area with the specimen of choice can be slowly explored. You should definitely take your time. Going carelessly here, permanent, rectal damage can be the result.

Absolutely advisable is the use of a suitable lubricant, the composition of which depends largely on the Toy material. Silicone vibrators should only be used with water-based lubricants. Silicon-based lubricant would attack the base of the vibrator and make it porous over time.


Anal stimulation often appeals to women and men alike. In combination with the right intimate hygiene and the appropriate lubrication anal sex is perceived by most as very pleasant. Anyone who chooses an anal vibrator should start slowly and small, until you work your way to the larger, more powerful models.

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