Travelling with a Butt Plug: The Ultimate Guide

Few men agree that they too enjoy anal stimulation. How to convince your partner for Travelling with a loveplug, without him realizing it right away:

Many men have an irrational homophobic fear of any anal stimulation. They really miss something! The perineum and the prostate together with the penis are the center of male pleasure – if you stimulate them properly. Give your partner secretly and unobtrusively new ways of pleasure, so casually and unobtrusively, that he would never expect you to do that extra.

Insider tip: So you make yourself a butt plug

It is best to approach his butt when you sit and he penetrates you from the front. Now wrap his butt with your legs. Wait with your secret anal mission until the mood is really heated and pleasurable. Now, as in an act of wild passion, grab his butt with both hands and pull apart his buttocks. For the next few strokes, they settle for kneading his butt and pulling him close. Even pulling apart the buttocks gives his anus a sexy stimulation that will nourish your partner properly.

Dizziness does not have to be – stay on the ball!

Dizziness in old age begins usually creeping and restricts more and more the usual everyday activities. If not treated early, it can become a permanent problem and even lead to falls. Effective drugs for the treatment of mild dizziness are also available over the counter in the pharmacy.

Of course, your secret mission does not have to end here! You can include your butt in the lovemaking as often as possible even without putting a finger in it! He will eventually find it natural to have your hands land in places where no sun normally shines. So if someday you slip your little finger on or into his anus, he will trust you so much that he can enjoy this act. Anyone talking about anal stimulation must expect a sensation.

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But keep an important point in mind: even if your partner is visibly enjoying the little-finger act, do not force him to admit or talk about it. Keep this sweet open secret to yourself. Even if both parties know it, he may be embarrassed to talk about it and then he will never want to get involved again. A good anal bond girl never talks about your mission! Many women are especially afraid of the pain, which they connect mentally with anal sex. Is anal intercourse associated with risks?

When women refuse anal sex, it is usually prevalent that the sex through the back door could be painful and unhygienic. In fact, there are some risks of anal sex that you should know. To prepare for anal sex, go to¬†loveplugs and see how it’s done.

Risk of injury during anal sex

Fancy anal sex: the mucous membrane of the rectum is particularly sensitive and the anus is not as stretchy as the vagina, it can easily lead to injuries, which can also be associated with pain. If germs from the intestine get into such wounds, inflammation can also occur. However, such injuries can be easily prevented by using a suitable lubricant and your sweetheart gently introduces his penis. Also, many women find anal sex more comfortable if the anus is previously pre-stretched with the help of a finger or a special sex toys called butt plugs.

Furthermore, there are other risks to injure you in anal sex, when the penis penetrates very deep into the intestine. Therefore, it is always recommended to start carefully and to introduce the penis gradually bit by bit. If you feel pain, you should not just pass it on.

Dizziness in old age is easy to treat!

Slight dizziness, a dull feeling and insecurity when walking and standing: These are symptoms that many older people suffer from. The complaints increasingly limit the daily activities and hobbies of those affected.

The intestinal bacteria are usually not problematic if you follow a few hygiene rules. This includes, for example, that the penis should not be pulled out of the anus and then inserted into the vagina. Because when bacteria enter the vagina from the anal area, the germs can cause infections there. Therefore, the condom (to reduce any risks) between anal sex and vaginal sex should be changed or the penis thoroughly cleaned.

Insider tip: So you make yourself a butt plug

As with vaginal intercourse, there are also risks of contracting a sexually transmitted disease in anal sex. But condoms offer a very good protection against venereal diseases. But beware: If you also use a lubricant, make sure it is suitable for use with condoms because conventional latex condoms must not be combined with a lubricant that contains silicones. Otherwise, there is a risk that the condom dissolves or breaks.

Whom flower sex and always the same sex positions at some point to boring, brings through sex games like a change in his sex life. Sex games provide a special erotic tension and are ideally suited to counteract too much routine and monotony during sex.

At home, basically any sex games can be performed. It gets a bit more difficult when traveling. After all, you cannot take an unlimited number of things on a trip and in an environment that you do not know at all or only little, you will not soon find suitable places for sex games outside of your own accommodation. In addition, one can negotiate in other countries when having sex outdoors in comparison to significantly larger problems, if one is caught doing it.But there is no reason to go without sex games. We have put together the best sex games that you can easily play in the distance.

Sex games with the right sex toys

Sex toys are for the vast majority of people a tremendous enrichment of their own sex life and for many contemporaries without sex without them. Even when traveling, sex toys can be useful helpers for sex games of all kinds. But not every sex toy is suitable for a trip. A St. Andrew’s Cross or complete bondage equipment, for example, will be difficult to transport, especially on air travel.

But there are plenty of sex toys that can be carried comfortably in your hand luggage, such as dildos and vibrators, butt plugs, handcuffs, anal beads and many more. But you should keep in mind that on air travel the baggage is screened.

Equipped with such sex toys you can have as much fun away from home as at home. The special charm can come about here through the new environment. Whether in a noble hotel room, a holiday apartment or a camping tent: with sex toys you can make sex games while traveling even more exciting, than in your own home.

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