What are Anal Hooks

If you want to live out BDSM, you should get the right accessories for the Zartharten games. It pays off to invest in quality and safety right from the start. For lovers of this practice many toys are recommended – but is it safe to sue anal hooks? Here are the different options for you.

Shackles and gags

There are many different ways to captivate your partner. Soft leather cuffs are particularly suitable for beginners as they cannot contract like ropes. In addition to ropes, advanced users can also use metal chains for fetters, which can be found in every hardware store. In addition, there are many possible combinations, e.g. as with handcuffs, ankle cuffs and locks. Some chains have a leather strap or rubber grip , so that the wearer, among others, can play the role of an animal in pet play and obey the orders of his master or famer.

With advanced bondage experience and good bottom to top communication, a gag can also be used. Professional gags like ball gags are recommended for role-playing games because they ensure safe, free breathing. Does not use handmade gag, but rather invest the money in real gag. Otherwise threatens in the worst case.

Percussion instruments from whips to cane

The most common sex toys for BDSM lovers are spanking tools. Before using, however, you should talk about your preferences. Here are some questions to clarify: Which material should be used? Which role play is played? How should be punished and beaten? Which whip form is used? The most common percussion instruments are the following:

  • cane
  • riding crops
  • paddle
  • Spank sticks
  • Wooden spoon
  • broom

When flogging the partner is to ensure that sensitive parts of the body such as the spine or kidneys are not hit. Some whips, such as. As the bullwhip cans severe injuries cause and should be used with caution.

Sex toys at the BDSM

Especially dildos are included in the BDSM again and again in the lovemaking. There are different variants of different materials. Metallic anal plugs or dildos initially create a very cold feeling, unlike silicone models. Dildos are also available in different shapes, which are suitable for different degrees of expansion. Anal hooks are often designed so that the anus and vagina can be stimulated at the same time. Oversized dildos are also used in punishment rituals in combination with whip lashes. These things are good, if you are interested in buying anal hooks, visit loveplugs here.

Special BDSM toy for him and her

In addition to whips and dildos, there are various utensils that are specially made for the BDSM game. For men, there are special sex toys that are primarily intended to delay the orgasm:

  • Testicular cuffs that are placed around the scrotum: The penis is inserted through an opening, so that nothing is in the way of sexual intercourse.
  • Penis rings, which are applied to the root and to inhibit the outflow of blood from the penis.
  • Penile cages that work like chastity belts for women.
  • Weights that can be hung on the penis or testicles.

In addition, there are other special BDSM toys:

  • SM candles whose wax is dripped onto the bare skin. Attention: Only use special SM candles, as they have a lower melting temperature than normal candles. Otherwise it can come to burns!
  • Collars that the dominant partner creates for the submissive partner. In addition to traditional dog collars for pet play use, but careful, do not use choke collars! Also offer special BDSM collars.
  • A nappy-slip used for the Age-Play wraps around the pelvic area of ??the wearer and gives him the feeling of being at least visually a baby.

Stimulation devices can use special nipple clamps to chase small surges through the most sensitive and erogenous areas of the body. Some users find it particularly appealing to let the partner regulate the surges and not know when to use them next.

The fetish requires much trust and affection from both partners. Before the role play, a safe-word must always be agreed, with which everyone can stop the play at any time. If these conditions are met, nothing stands in the way of the exciting BDSM experience. Especially using multiple sex toys, this tender love game promises to be a relevant experience for all beginners.

Criticism of sex practice

The problem with ATM sex is that there is no cleaning of the pleasure dispenser after penetration. If you do not previously do a colonic irrigation and do not properly anal rinse, you can take the practice of your own intestinal bacteria through the mouth. It gets worse when several people are in the game. If no condom is used during anal sex, there is not only the risk of transmissible viruses (such as HIV), but also infections with foreign intestinal bacteria. Feces can also hang on the penis of the partner, which is not only very unappetizing, but also carries the dangers of communicable diseases.

Reduce risk – tips

Make a thorough anal rinse before anal intercourse, so that the intestines are really clean.

Use a condom during anal intercourse. Alternatively, you can also use a penile shell that you take after anal sex before going on with oral sex.

Wash your penis after unprotected anal sex. Use a condom for oral sex if none has been used before. ATM sex is as risky as anal rimming, where the passive partner is anally pampered with the tongue. Again, an anal cleansing should be done.

ATM sex at the BDSM

The form of ATM sex is often used as a punishment at the BDSM. Specifically if the submissive has not cleaned anal properly for having anal sex then, ATM becomes sex punishment, where the sub has to put a possibly feces-endured penis in his mouth. Through this “educational measure” the future behavior should change, so that the sub will carry out his anal cleaning intensively from then on.

ATM in women

For women there are other practices: ATP / A2P: from ass to pussy. Again, the penis is not cleaned after anal intercourse and introduced directly into the vagina. This can also lead to infections. The health risk should not be underestimated.


Anal and oral sex should be practiced only in the order that the anal intercourse takes place at the end. Otherwise, infections are possible that you should avoid. For the general everyday life ATM sex is not recommended, especially not with frequently changing sex partners. Anyone who has seen ATM sex in porn often should not be impressed by it . Often scenes are cut so that you do not see that the active actor washes his penis in between or changes his condom. If it still came to ATM sex, you should then rinse your mouth with a mouth disinfectant. This is important so that the germs cannot spread further. For sensitive people the sex practice is unsuitable.

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