What are the Options in Butt Plug Use?

Why use butt plugs? Of course, for adult fun. These little things are awfully exciting and also help strengthen the vaginal orgasm. This is an incredible way to start exploring the anal limits with yourself, as an element of tantra yoga and meditation, as well as anal stimulation when having sex with a partner.

A butt plug is a great addition to your sex toy collection, and if you’re just about to start getting acquainted and sexually arousing with anal sex and anal toys, you need to start with anal plugs. It is best to use cork in combination with anal lubrication. If you’re interested, you can find buttplugs here.

How to use the butt plug

Butt plug – a small but thoughtful sex toy. The head of a conical shape for easy penetration, the cork body expanding to the base for full stimulation, a thin leg with a wide top – for reliable retention with your fingers and prevent slipping inside. Butt plugs were designed specifically for anal games, and are designed to gently stretch the anus and stimulate nerve endings inside and outside the anus. And yes, do not think about questions such as is using butt plugs make you gay?

First, you need to apply anal lubricant to the anus and anal plug. It is better to use a special anal lubricant it is thicker and better providing ease of sliding.

Stand comfortably in one of these three positions:

  • Stand on all fours
  • Lie on your back with a large pillow under your buttocks
  • Sit on the butt plug, kneeling or standing

Having tried all three ways, you will quickly discover which one suit you best. But if you want, you can continue to experiment with all three ways the same way you learn how you got yourself into watching porn with your partner.

To insert the anal plug, attach its tip to the anus, slightly tilt it towards the abdomen and gently press. You should feel that the tip of the cork is already inside you. If you do not feel discomfort at the same time, press again until the anal plug is completely inside you, leaving only the base outside.

With the anal plug inserted inside, you can enjoy intercourse or other forms of stimulation, but if you want to get pleasure from the stimulation of the anus, try moving, slightly bending or turning the plug inside yourself.

The anal plug can be left in itself for various lengths of time – from half an hour to several hours, but we recommend pulling it out at least every hour for re-lubrication. Thanks to frequent lubrication, you will not experience any discomfort while moving or having sex. Start experimenting with anal plugs with smaller plugs. Imagine having beautiful women who surround you, and when you feel ready to progress, try a larger anal plug, or a model with vibration.

Butt plug of Boost Fun Factory is an exemplary standard device plus a great design. There are a huge variety of traffic jams (they are plug-ins or sleeves), but there are only two main tasks: to stimulate nerve endings around the anus and fill the anus to narrow the vagina and change your sexual feelings and partner. At the cork, there must be a stop on the end so that the toy does not disappear somewhere inside and does not have to visit the emergency room. Between the limiter and the main part – a narrow jumper, so as not to stretch the anal sphincter once again.

Crystal Delight Short Stem

Glass stoppers are reminiscent of steel in terms of sensations and consumer properties: made from borosilicate glass, they are extremely durable (they produce chemical laboratories of the same material); they can be safely washed in a dishwasher, frozen and even boiled. True, Crystal Delight with Hello Kitty cannot be boiled – Swarovski crystals can fall off. High-quality glass corks are smooth, heavy, of various shapes and are felt very clearly, and after washing it is nice to look at them. But if you drop the cork on the stone floor and still manage to at least microscopically damage, stop using it immediately.

Rosebuds tail bud

Plugs with tails, and often made of natural fur (strongly disapprove, better artificial materials or horsehair, like Rosebuds Tail bud L) – ready props for playing host or a playful pet. Most often depicted sexy kitty or funny pony. Add ears, a collar with a bell or a saddle, and the clothes here are already superfluous. Hint: it is more convenient to ride a pony if it is depicted by a man, and a cat instead of a cat simply looks better because it is more hairy. And in general, the kitty is a beaten type, but a good cat is not only valuable fur on the bottom, but also 70–90 kg of meowing.

Hector Helix Buttplug

Electrode, which is somehow worth talking about separately, bushings also did not go around. A metal surface or electrodes on a plug made of other materials distribute weak electrical discharges that cause the muscles to contract, which gives additional sensations. Sex devices, if they are not homemade, in principle, cannot give painful or dangerous discharges of electricity. The exception is one: if you have a pacemaker installed. In this case, forget about any electric section – unfortunately, it can kill you.

Each of us gets sexual pleasure in different ways. Stimulating the anus is a good way to get pleasure, because the area of ??the anus has many nerve endings. This technique can be used for individual enjoyment, and to complement the intima. Butt plug is one of the popular toys of stimulants; it is made in the shape of a cone and has a wide base.

Butt plugs: what is it?

Butt plugs are different from other toys of this kind in that it can be used for a long period of time. Some people like to walk with a toy inside and at the same time do their usual daily activities.

Women actively use this toy in the postpartum period to meet the quality of sex. After childbirth, for natural reasons, the vaginal muscles are stretched and cannot deliver to the partner, and the lady herself, proper pleasure. But if you apply the anal plug, it will be possible to notice a significant decrease in the walls of the vagina and thereby increase the effectiveness of intima.

Men are recommended to use the anal plug not only as a toy for satisfaction, but as a simulator for the prevention of prostatitis. During intercourse, stopper will help stimulate an erection and make intimacy more intense.

How to choose butt plug?

To choose the tool that will help you make your sex richer, pay attention to several factors:

  • The size. For beginners, we recommend choosing a cork of a small diameter of 2 cm, and for thrill-seekers, you can try cork 7 cm in diameter.
  • Smooth or ribbed – the choice is individual, the main thing is moisturizing.
  • Choose soft and malleable. Thermoplastic, silicone and cyberskin are great options for such toys.
  • Vibration for better feeling. Provide a remote control to your partner, and he will be delighted.

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